Single Family

Why ReWater?

Our highly efficient, time proven, easy-to-use greywater filter and underground drip irrigation systems conserve water and save you money! You will irrigate, so why not reuse the water you've already paid for? Choose the most effective and reliable irrigation system on the market—the ReWater® System. It’s the original Showers-to-Flowers™ system and the only one proven to work over the short and long term! No more guilt taking long showers!

There are a lot of "black boxes" on the internet that are really just various types of filters. At best, they leave you needing to integrate them with a greywater-compatible irrigation system, and at worst they leave you with improperly filtered water and still needing a greywater compatible irrigation system. ReWater's California-approved systems provide both appropriate filtration and extremely efficient irrigation and have been proven by thousands of people like you since 1990!

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